Why is organic fertilizer expensive

There are a few reasons that organic fertilizers can be more expensive than a cheap bag of chemical fertilizer, this isn’t going to be a lesson in economics but here is why you can justify the use of organic fertilizer.

Higher Value per Dollar

Take the three numbers on a bag of fertilizer from the department store and add them together, let’s say a generic “turf building” fertilizer: 32-0-4. Sometimes they make you search for the analysis… So 32+4=36 right? That’s the % of active fertilizer in the bag, which means: you are getting 64% filler with synthetic! In the above example.

When choosing organic, your analysis will be lower but instead of filler, you get organic matter to build your soil.

High-Quality Lawn Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer comes in many forms but in most cases, availability is regional. Renew-a-lawn is Kingston’s lawn care company that has a unique blend of organic products available, what luck! Most lawn care services in Kingston offer primarily synthetic with the option of organic but in most cases, they’re offering corn all season.

Additional benefits to Organic Lawn Care in Kingston

Just like a pocket knife, organic fertilizers have more features. While chemical fertilizers are only pushing reckless growth, organic fertilizers are adding organic matter to your soil. The added organic matter helps to hold more moisture during drought, discourage disease reduce compaction, and supply trace elements. And of course, organic fertilizer gently promotes sustained growth all season long in Kingston, Ontario lawns. It’s like comparing apples to apple-flavored candy.

Choose Organic Lawn care in Kingston, Ontario


In the short term, synthetic fertilizers from big box stores may seem appealing but after considering the numerous aspects of keeping a healthy lawn, you can be sure that organic products have better value.

Looking to hire a lawn care company in Kingston to help improve the health and appearance of your lawn? Do you care about the environment and do your part to help maintain it? Contact Renewalawn and schedule your free, organic lawn assessment today!

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