What to do about brown grass? With 5 Reasons

#5 Brown grass from: Disease

Disease spores are found in every lawn, but sometimes they can get out of control. The most common time for lawn disease is in the summer, and 9 times out of 10 they occur in lawns receiving generic chemical lawn care and are rarely found in organic lawns or untreated lawns.

#4 Brown grass from: Overwatering

When the summer heat rolls around, overcompensating with frequent shallow watering will suffocate your lawn’s roots and give rise to disease-favouring conditions! Stick to a watering schedule and remember deep infrequent watering is the best practice.

#3 Brown grass from: Underwatering

It may be obvious but when summer becomes hot and dry, grass cannot acquire the moisture needed to keep itself cool, let alone grow properly. Even one watering per week can stop your lawn from drying out completely with the right lawn care program.

#2 Brown grass from: Poor mowing

Poor mowing comes in at number 2 because it’s something most homeowners aren’t aware of from the start. Cutting your lawn short, on a two-week basis with a dull blade may save time but that’s only because the lawn is being severely damaged each cut, stunting growth. Be sure to download our lawn guide to learn how to mow like a pro!

#1 Brown grass from: Synthetic fertilizer

A common practice each spring is to empty a bag of lawn fertilizer on your lawn and expect the magic. This practice may look deceptively good in spring but summer comes around and your lawn will lose its “oomph”. Not only will synthetic fertilizer diminish your soil quality but it also uses up your grass’s stored energy fast. Switch to organic fertilizer if you want your lawn to be green while most lawns go brown.

The truth:

Your lawn is likely brown because of a combination of the above issues and there are even a few other reasons that may be contributing to the problem. With the right lawn maintenance and care, you can have a reliably green lawn all year, every year.

Contact us for your free lawn assessment and we can help you get the greenest, healthiest lawn on your block without using harmful chemicals.

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