Lawn weed control explained

Iron-based (Fiesta weed control)

Iron-based weed control works by “over-fertilizing” the leaves of the plants that are treated, it only works by direct contact, once absorbed the iron will damage the leaves enough to defoliate the plant within 24-48 hours. Iron is not mobile once it is in plant tissues and will not kill the root of the weed, that is why there are a few secrets to know.

1. Timing matters

The best time to use weed control is in mid-spring and mid-autumn. This is the time that your grass is most actively growing, this is important because the grass is much more likely to choke out the root of the weed during these times for a more permanent solution.

2. The blanket spray isn’t worth it

You may think that blanket spraying your lawn is a sure way to keep pesky weeds away but unfortunately that is wrong. Iron-based weed control only works on contact so it is a waste of product to spray where weeds aren’t present.

3. Drought conditions

Hot summers don’t just slow growth for turf grasses but also slow down the growth of many weeds, thus in times of slower growth, some plants take up less of the weed control. The waxy layer protecting plant leaves from the hot sun also becomes thicker and harder to penetrate with weed control. Weed control needs to be in a soluble form to be absorbed by the leaves so a hot summer day can quickly dry out the weed treatment making it harder to be absorbed. If you do use iron-based weed control in the hot summer, you also risk burning weakened grass, leaving room for new weeds in the future.

4. Concentration matters

Some difficult weeds respond better to a higher concentration. If you are mixing your weed control yourself, be sure to use the appropriate concentration for the weeds you are targeting so that you can save time not having to re-apply. If you buy premixed in the store, you can probably assume the lowest concentration is being used.

5. Wetting agents

Some weeds have smaller, waxier leaves that water runs right off, clover is an excellent example of this. Again, weed control needs to be absorbed by the leaves so adding a wetting agent to your weed control will improve the ability of the weed control to stick to the leaf surface. The most easily available wetting agent is baby shampoo, all you need is a few drops but may need to stir gently to avoid foaming.

Wrapping up

Follow these rules and you will find weed control to be working a lot better than you’re used to. Of course, a healthy lawn will easily crowd out weeds and prevent new ones, so that should be your first priority. Renew-a-lawn fixes your soil for lawn care beyond simple fertilizer. We also take care of the weeds using the 5 tips above so you don’t have to.

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