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Dry spots in the lawn

Localized dry spots in lawns, also known as lawn dry spots, can be caused by a variety of factors. Improper lawn watering is one of the most common causes, as over-watering or under-watering can both lead to dry spots in the lawn. Dormant lawns, or lawns that have gone dormant due to a lack of water, can also be a cause of dry spots. Other causes of dry spots include poor drainage, pH imbalances in the soil, and disease or pests. Wetting agents can be used to help reduce dry spots in the lawn by increasing the soil’s ability to absorb and retain water. This is especially useful for lawns with heavy clay soils or soils with poor drainage. It’s important to identify the cause of dry spots before attempting to treat them, as different causes may require different solutions. We can test to help identify the underlying problem and get the best solution.
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