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Enhance the beauty of your landscape with our expert shrub care services in Kingston Ontario. Specializing in evergreen shrubs, we’ll keep your shrubs looking healthy and vibrant all year long. Contact us today to schedule your shrub maintenance.
Selective pruning is the best way to care for shrubs. It allows the proper structure to be preserved while reducing disease, stimulating new growth and improving air circulation for the plant.
Not all shrubs require delicate pruning, but if you’d like to maintain shape and size, stimulate growth and remove old & dead branches we can help. Coniferous shrubs and evergreen shrubs can benefit the most from targeted pruning.
Hedge shearing is a type of formal trimming that maintains a specific shape, while rejuvenation pruning cuts back the entire shrub to the ground. While these may be the most practical ways to care for your shrubs, it can be difficult to maintain optimal health for these maintenance practices. We can provide these services at our best discretion but it is almost always better to allow your shrubs to maintain their natural shape and be pruned annually instead.
Fertilizing your shrubs can aid recovery from damage, support growth and improve your shrubs soil conditions. It’s important to choose the right fertilizer for your needs.

There are 3 categories of fertilizer when talking about shrubs.

Often mulch can be enough but our experts can decide if you may benefit from compost or even mineral fertilizer base on your needs.

Fertilizer timing is important but depends on the material used for fertility. Contact us for a free estimate and we’ll take care of all the details.

Often, pruning is the only thing required but there are rare occasions where natural treatments can benefit your shrub. 

Boring insects can be reduced with proper but sometimes mites and scaling insects can be a problem. In these cases, natural soaps may benefit if these insects are present.
A combination of proper fertility, pruning and watering are all you need in most cases. But if you have a shrub that isn’t adapted to our environment, extra precautions may be recommended for cold winters, chewing animals or new plantings.

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