5 Benefits of lawn fertilization

Colour Benefits of lawn fertilization

Lawns look their best when they are dark green, and by fertilizing your lawn you are providing valuable nitrogen for just that. Nitrogen is needed for chlorophyll, which gives your lawn its signature green colour therefore adding nitrogen will give your lawn the opportunity to produce more chlorophyll, darkening your lawn fast.

Thickness Benefits of lawn fertilization

A thick lawn looks great because it’s a clear indicator of health. Just like with turf colour, adding nitrogen in the form of fertilizer will provide the building blocks for new growth and fill in thin areas. The thicker the turf, the greener it will appear.

Thatch buildup Benefits of lawn fertilization

Sometimes improper lawn maintenance can result in a layer of problematic thatch, if thatch becomes a problem, proper mowing and watering needs to be the first priority. Although synthetic fertilizer can increase your thatch problem, applying an organic fertilizer can actually help to reverse the issue and prevent thatch accumulation in the future.

Summer decline Benefits of lawn fertilization

Cool-season lawns like the one you have if you’re living in Kingston Ontario, lose most of their root mass every summer. Building stronger roots in the spring will leave your lawn with more root mass in the summer and a green lawn can be sustained with supplemental watering.

Weed control Benefits of lawn fertilization

Believe it or not, lawn fertilizer is your best weapon against weeds. Of course, fertilizing your lawn won’t get rid of the weeds you have overnight, but strong grass will crowd out and prevent new weeds from taking hold.

Wrapping up

You will have a healthy lawn by fertilizing properly, although not all fertilizers are created equal, considering your lawn’s fertility is the first step.

Don’t want to sweat the fertilizer timing, application rates and most importantly fertilizer quality?

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